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About Scott

Hi There! My name is Scott Pigman. I am a Mechanical turned Software Engineer who customizes and configures Teamcenter. I created the PLM Dojo to share what I’ve learned about, what I’m struggling with, my opinions on, and my suggestions for Teamcenter. My goal is to create the site that I wish had when I was starting out. I also hope to write posts that are interesting and sometimes even fun to read.

Some posts are nuts-and-bolts code examples or explanations of key concepts, others deal with the thought process behind design decisions or my thoughts about various Teamcenter related topics.

I hope that you will help make The PLM Dojo a better blog by participating in the discussions.


I live in Maryland with my beautiful wife and our amazingly gorgeous and brilliant daughter who may only be just learning to walk, but has run away with our hearts.

I was born and raised in Chautauqua (shah-taw-kwa) County, New York, which is about as far from New York City geographically and culturally as you get and still have a New York zip code (I grew up drinking Pop, not soda, and never saw a bagel until I was a teenager — and that was a frozen one from the grocery store). I studied Mechanical Engineering in Michigan, where I was first taught either version 8 or 9 of Unigraphics in my “Mechanical Engineering 101″ class. I used Unigraphics 9 through NX 4 during the first decade or so of my career and really enjoyed it. Seeing how some companies made Unigraphics easier to use by developing their own customizations I wanted to learn how to make them myself. This led to me going back to school in New Hampshire to study Computer Science.

In trying to get a job developing Unigraphics applications I instead ended up getting one supporting iMan. I started at ground zero. I could barely spell “PLM” when I was thrown into it. But somehow I managed to figure out what was going on and have come to really enjoy working with this technology and trying to figure out how to solve problems with it.

Now that I’ve got I’ve got some experience I realize how much I still don’t know. But if I ever do figure it all out I’ll be bored to tears. I’ll probably also be insufferable to deal with. Fortunately I don’t see much threat of that happening anytime soon.

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