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How often do you update the Access Rule Tree?

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Last week at the PLM World Conference I attended a round-table discussion about Organization structures in Teamcenter. It was a wide ranging discussion that touched on several related topics, Access Rules in particular. Something came up in that discussion which was a bit surprising to me that I don’t really understand. I’m hoping I can get some of you to educate me a bit.

A couple of the attendees made the comment that their Access Rule Trees are constantly being updated. One admin had updated the rule tree back home three times during the four days of the conference. This really surprised me because the Access Rule Tree where I work is rarely modified. To be honest, my first reaction to hearing that others need to make frequent changes was that they must have a flawed process or data model that they’re working with. But… these are smart, experienced, people. So maybe it’s something else — maybe they’re dealing with more complex use cases than what we deal with, for example, and that drives their need.

So, what I’m hoping is that some of you who manage “living” Access Rule Trees could take a minute or three to summarize what the main drivers are for you to make a change to the tree. I’m especially interested in hearing from anyone with experience dealing with both static and dynamic Access Rule Trees. If you share some insight as to what were the fundamental differences between the systems driving the need, or lack of a need, to frequently make changes, that would be really appreciated.

  • Seshadri B S

    Well, A “Living Rule Tree” does not sound right as you have pointed out in your post, but having said that there are a few business scenarios which might require frequent “Rule Tree Adjustments” mainly driven by factors like
     a.Addition of new Organizational entities into the TC Org Model
     b.A new/unimplemented compliance requirement where IP Data  is involved

    But the frequency of these updates should essentially be driven out of the changed business conditions and not really driven by “Trail and Error” bug /issue management which implies a flawed design of the Access Restrictions in the first place

  • http://hooverm.pip.verisignlabs.com/ Teamcenter Heretic

    Well, any time tyo mess with Projects, your Rule Tree gets tweaked.
    Also, if you move to a restrict first model sometimes organizational changes mean tweaking the tree.
    Quite honestly, sometimes one’s rule tree is so complex that it continues to be a learning experience.

    The OOTB tree works for some, but others are needing to move things around a bit and sometimes it takes time to settle down.

    And my favorite reason the tree gets tweaked is a lack of true requirements.  Sometimes a Business Owner demands a change that is not altogether smart but the Admin is forced to push it out.  Then once everyone realizes the folly in that initial request it becomes a scramble to fix it… and nobody wants to wait for Change Control Board to do that kind of stuff 😉

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