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How To Compare Your New BMIDE Template To What’s already Installed

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One of the trickiest things about working with the BMIDE is making sure that your template won’t introduce any unwanted or, worse, invalid, changes to the the system. You have to keep track of what changed between successive versions of your data model — for that matter, you have to keep track of which version was last deployed. It can be rather daunting.

That’s why I’m pleased to share this recipe for checking your current template against what’s actually live on the system. It comes to use courtesy of long-time FOD (Friend Of the Dojo), The Teamcenter Heretic. TCH has dug into the utilities documentation to come up with a step-by-step process for generating a report that will tell you exactly what will change if you deploy your template.

Take a look, I think you’ll find it useful.

– Scott

Tested for Teamcenter v 8.3 and 10.1

  1. Get a properly configured Teamcenter environment shell
    • Set TC_ROOT and TC_DATA appropriately
    • call %TC_DATA%\tc_profilevars.bat
  2. Create a Temp directory to work in.
    • C:temp\bmide
  3. Make a sub-directory called lang:
    • C:temp\bmide\lang
  4. set an environment variable:
    • set TWORK=c:\temp\bmide
  5. Copy the files from %TC_DATA%
    • copy %TC_DATA%\model\*_dependency.xml %TWORK%
    • copy %TC_DATA%\model\*_template.xml %TWORK%
    • copy %TC_DATA%\model\master.xml %TWORK%
    • copy %TC_DATA%\model\lang\*_template_*.xml %TWORK%\lang
  6. Find the packaged template zipfile:
    • workspace\<some_name>\output\packaging\full_update\<some_name>_template.zip
    • Inside the zip you will find a structure something like install\<some_name>
    • You should see:
      • lang (a directory)
      • <some_name>_dependency.xml
      • <some_name>_template.xml
    • You need to copy these last three items from the zip file into your %TWORK% directory.
      Note: This will overwrite some files you previously copied in step 5
  7. Change your current working directory into the Temp directory:
    • cd /d %TWORK%
  8. Run the consolidator:
    • bmide_consolidator -dir=%TWORK% -file=cons.xml -consolidate=all
  9. Run the extractor:
    • business_model_extractor -outfile=extr.xml -mode=all -u=infodba -g=dba -p=infodba
  10. Run the comparator:
    • bmide_comparator -compare=all -old=extr.xml -new=cons.xml -delta=delta.xml -log=delta.log

The result of all this work is a html file called delta_report.html

The delta report will show in plain english the items that would be changed if you deployed this template to your site.

  • ashokreddy chintapalli

    Very helpful post. Most of the time I have compared template extension file and file generated by business model extractor manually, but I am not aware of commands bmide comparator and consolidator you mentioned, thanks for sharing

  • Dan Waters

    How/Where does the file delta_report.html get created?

  • Teamcenter Heretic

    The bmide_comparator.
    I typically don’t look at the html version but I do notice that it is there when I run these steps in 10.1

  • Michael McClelland

    So, after running the comparator tool, how do I interprete the delta.xml file? I think I understadn what it’s telling me, but I want to make sure.

  • Prasana Kannappan

    This is working fine for the installed template. Is there way to compare two BMIDE projects

  • Sandeep Varma Vegesna

    Excellent !! Found it very useful

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