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For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, here’s some details about what I use to create this blog.

Note that some links may be affiliate links. If you click them I may receive some compensation, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase. I only share links to goods and services I use myself.

WordPress 3.x (self hosted)
Thesis 2 Framework from DIYThemes with the Classic Responsive skin.
Commenting system
Disqus, which makes administering the comments very easy, especially in conjunction with…
Spam Control

This site is hosted on HostGator. Previously I self-hosted on a QNAP NAS server, which is a great product, but self-hosting was not for me. As one person put it to me, Life’s a b*** when you’re the cloud. HostGator’s customer support was excellent at helping me move my site to their servers.


Idea Capture
I capture ideas with Evernote
Idea Organization
I organize my thoughts with Scapple. I used to use MindNode Pro.
Blog Composition
I compose the posts with MarsEdit.
Optimization WordPress Plugins & Solutions by W3 EDGE