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I was offline for most of last week. So, just what was I doing?

Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island, PR

I think I may have found the future home of the PLM Dojo Educational Center and Retreat

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If you’re around NX for very long you’ll hear someone talk about the Master Model concept. It is an important concept. It comes up in the various forums from time to time. Usually when people as, What is the master model concept? There are no shortage of answers offered. But I feel that most of the discussions miss the mark. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about the Master Model Concept. I am going to try to clear some of them up.

Master Model Definition

If I’m going to discuss what people get wrong about the Master Model Concept, I should at least try to provide a definition of what it is. Here is how I define it

Master Model Concept:

A method of separating a CAD model definition from data which is dependent upon the CAD model but does not define the CAD model itself. This separation is achieved by storing the CAD model definition, called a Master Model, within one file and each piece of dependent data within separate files which refer to the Master Model, typically by including it as a component within themselves. Typical examples of dependent data types are drawings, machining tool path definitions, and FEA analyses.

Now, on to the misconceptions.
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Teamcenter’s Workflow Designer interface is horribly bad. Just one of the flaws is that workflow templates do not have proper revisions. I mean, just think of the irony here. Pretty much the primary task of Teamcenter is to allow you to track what changes have been done to a piece of data. And one of the primary tools in Teamcenter is the workflow template. But they didn’t give you the ability to easily keep track of changes to your workflow templates.

But that’s not all, they set it up so that any time you make a change it’s instantly saved to the template. It’s not like most other applications on your desktop where you can say, “Oops! What was I thinking? Time to close without saving!” Even other TC applications give you that ability, Structure Manager and Access Manager to name two. So they make it really easy to make inadvertent, permanent, changes to your workflow template and really hard to figure out what exactly has changed. Lovely.

Unless you’re capable of never making a mistake when working with workflow templates, you need a system that will keep you out of trouble. Here is mine.
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Hi there, everybody. I’d like to invite you all to join the LinkedIn group for the Dojo. I know a lot of you are on LinkedIn and visit my site because of something I’ve posted in one of the other Teamcenter or PLM groups over there. So I thought I’d try setting a group there myself. My hope is to create a group that’s like what I’ve been trying to do with the Dojo — a place for sharing our learning with the rest of the community. That’s a bit different from most of the groups on LinkedIn that are mostly used as a technical support forum for people who don’t want to use GTAC for some reason. That’s fine, there’s definitely a place for that, but there’s no reason for me to create another group that’s basically identical to any of a half dozen other groups that are already out there. What I’m hoping for here is a group where people come to share the knowledge, experience and wisdom they’ve gained. A Dojo, if you will. A PLM Dojo, even. If that sounds like something you’d like to participate in, come check it out.



P.S. Personally my favorite social network these days is Google+, but I haven’t found too many other people in this field on there yet. So if you’re on G+, circle me and let me know that you’re coming from the Dojo. Maybe we’ll set something up there too.

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As I’ve mentioned before, Multi-key identifiers in Teamcenter was a feature that many of us have been waiting for. It was originally rumored to be coming in TC 9, but that didn’t happen. Fortunately, it did make it into Teamcenter 10. Some customers have begun testing it in the pre-production version 10.0. I haven’t had a chance to work with it myself yet, but I’ve been studying the 10.0 documentation to learn what I can about it. The documentation refers to the new feature as, multifield keys. Here is what I know. [click to continue…]

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