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What’s the Difference between Server and User Exits?

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    From the mailbag†, T.T. asks,

    Can you tell me the difference between user exit, custom user exit and server exit?

    Thank you for the question T.T.! The difference between user, custom and server exits is…

    User Exits

    User Exits are various points in Teamcenter’s code where Teamcenter does something and you have the option to replace that default something with your own version of something else. The available User exits are identified by a name that starts with a prefix of USER_. One example of this is USER_new_item_id user exit which generates new part numbers when the assign button is clicked in the new item dialog. By default it doesn’t do anything very fancy, it just returns the next sequential number available. But you can override that default behavior with your own code that will generate part numbers based on whatever criteria you can imagine. A custom user exit is just a user exit that you have overridden with your own implementation.

    You can read more about user exits here.

    Server Exits

    Server Exits are used when you want to customize the Teamcenter rich-client interface by adding new commands to the menus. They let you call server-side ITK code from rich-client Java code. There’s a function in the rich-client Java API which will let you call whatever server exits you’ve implemented and registered, let the work be processed server-side, and then return the results back to the client. Among other things, this lets you keep all business logic on the server-side and limit the client-side code to just UI issues


    Have you used user exits or server exits before? What sort of interesting problems were you able to solve with them? Do you have any problems you think you might use one or the other of them to solve?

    † “Mailbag” refers to an archaic device used to carry mail in the olden days when mail was actually something that was delivered physically on little pieces of paper.

  • Qadeer Ahmed Shah

    crisp and clear.. thanks Scott, I always used to get a bit confused now and then until now.. :)

  • Priti

    Thank you so much scott..

  • Pavan Reddy

    Simple and accurate.

  • shreyas potdar

    can user exit be used to get request from Rich Client and send the response back to Rich Client

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