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Where Was The Dojo Last Week?

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I was offline for most of last week. So, just what was I doing?

Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island, PR

I think I may have found the future home of the PLM Dojo Educational Center and Retreat

Our accomodations

The PLM Dojo field office

The Tank

The Defenses may need a bit of an upgrade

Yo ho ho and a bottle of…

I was thinking deep, deep, PLM and Teamcenter thoughts the whole time I was there

My Arrival on Culebrita

Oh #$%@!!! I forgot to open the parachute!

Tortuga Beach, Culebrita Island

Man, somebody on this island must need some help with their Teamcenter install.

  • Jeremie FEBURIE

    Where is it ? it seems to be paradise island …

    • http://plmdojo.com/ Scott Pigman

      The only thing missing was the midget announcing, “De plane! De Plane!”
      No, wait, that was Fantasy Island. Never mind.

      We were on Culebra and Culebrita (last two pictures), which are part of Puerto Rico.

      • Jeremie FEBURIE

        A few weeks ago, I was not so far from Puerto Rico, I was in Guadeloupe with my family.

        Antilles are paradise and a good way to forget Teamcenter for a few days …

        • http://plmdojo.com/ Scott Pigman

          Yeah, that sure is a wonderful area. A “bucket list” dream is to sail through the islands.

          We like Culebra because it’s not at all commercial there. No all-inclusive resorts or casinos. As long as you miss the week before Easter it’s pretty mellow there (we did camp there during Holy Week once, it was a mob scene at the campground. still fun though).

  • Yogesh Fegade

    I can be your first employee!!

    • http://plmdojo.com/ Scott Pigman

      I’d be glad you have on board — literally! Do you know anything about sailing? 😉

  • jornh

    Aah nice! Looks like a place where you could find a comfortable spot to sit down and write a few blog posts about PLM. Unless, of course, you would get distracted by something else.

    I have seen a few references to “PLM is a journey” in blogs recently. Maybe this is what is meant?

    • http://plmdojo.com/ Scott Pigman

      Hey, I was only half kidding (if that!) about the PLM Dojo Educational Center and Retreat!

  • Don Knab

    Hey I think I saw you outside of my office window. Oh, sorry wrong island, and ocean.

    • http://plmdojo.com/ Scott Pigman

      I never said those were all of the photos from all of the islands… mwuaah-haaa-haa-ha!

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