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PLM Dojo?

In Japan a dojo is a place for training in various martial arts. That’s what Wikipedia says, anyways, and that’s good enough for me because frankly this dojo is about as Japanese as that Godzilla remake a few years ago.

There’s a lot of PLM* blogs out there that focus on the big questions like, what is the future of PLM? or whose PLM software will reduce time to market the most? or, daddy, will there be PLM in heaven?

Well, that’s all well and good and all. But I don’t know the answers to those questions. Those are the questions of strategy that the emperor and his ministers and governors ponder in the imperial palace (okay, maybe not that last one. Someone get that kid to a playground, quick). Here in the dojo we care about the tactics of configuring and customizing Teamcenter, of getting it to work with our CAD tools, in particular NX (née Unigraphics), we determine how to go about getting data into and out of the system, and how to make it behave properly once it’s there.†

In the dojo we figure out how to make Teamcenter do what our lieges ask of us. We figure out the design of the data model and how the business rules are enforced. Our weapons — our katana and shuriken — include the BMIDE, the access rule tree, and the workflow designer. And perhaps the most powerful weapon in our arsenal is ITK, with which we can make Teamcenter do things which its makers never imagined. And if that’s still not enough we might just peek under the hood at the raw database tables and conjure up some SQL to aid our cause.

The PLM Dojo will examine the different tools available to us. It will look at their pros and cons — those things that the product documentation never mentions. Lastly, the PLM Dojo is large and has many rooms. We will start the journey in the rooms where we are already knowledgeable but we will continue to expand our knowledge by pushing into new areas. Part of the adventure will be to explore those new areas; there’s a lot to explore. Come and join us.‡


* That’s short for Product Lifecycle Management, for those of you who wandered in here off the street hoping to find some sake or Anime and are wondering what the heck is going on.

† What’s that? You’re upset that this is the PLM Dojo, and yet we’re focused on products from only one vendor? Well, yes, Teamcenter Dojo may have been more apt, but all the jujutsu in the world wouldn’t have saved the dojo from the horde of trademark lawyers that choice would have summoned. Besides, it’s not entirely unprecedented to use the generic term PLM when you really mean Teamcenter.

‡ And with that, I think we’ve officially stretched the dojo metaphor its breaking point.

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